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“A brand truly focused on bringing happiness into people's lives with high quality and luscious food..”

Khandelwal (A unit of Khandelwal Foods) was founded in 1981. The founder of Khandelwal started it with the idea of catering to the cultural taste to not only touch the taste buds of customers but also their hearts in Bikaner. A name which means ‘Serving food with love’, is very true to its culture and does complete justice to its people by its rich cultured savories.

Industry :  Retail & eCommerce, Food & Beverages


To forge a successful brand reputation, The Khandelwal Group needed to launch Khaosa on all those channels used and employed by its targeted customers. Not only would it help to build and grow their consumer base, but it’ll help deliver engaging and personalized experiences to their shoppers.


This project’s primary goal was to connect Khaosa with the Indian foodie

Staple + Khaosa Case Studies Responsive


    Today’s Khaosa benefitted from the specialized online order delivery developed by Staple Digital that has improved their activities.

  • The proper online gateway makes it easy for Khaosa and customers to make the payments directly through the gateway with no problem.
  • Website maintenance is simplified enabling Khaosa staff to make content updates quickly and without third-party involvement.


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