Creating a unique traditional experience for Laforet through Staple's digital strategy

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“A Rajasthani traditional stay experience ”

Laforet is situated in the central part of western Rajasthan in the city called Bikaner. It represents a luxurious traditional stay with its beautifully ornated rooms, corridors. It is a center of attraction for national and international tourists. It is in proximity to the city’s famous tourist spots which also makes it a first preference for the tourists. 

Industry: Luxury Hotel


Laforet holds a great reputation in the hotel industry but due to the lack of its digital presence and unoptimized website, it made it difficult for tourists to easily book a stay and resonate with the luxury.


Laforet aspired to enhance its digital experience and generate online bookings. This not only helped Laforet to tell a greater brand story but also showcase its aura and luxurious experience.

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Our dedicated team of designers created engaging creatives, the UI frameworks and tested them to gain the following results:

  • A highly optimized website helped Laforet to rank better on the search engines and generate quality traffic on its website.
  • With Staple’s expertise in PHP, Laforet is able to smoothen the whole booking process and the customer journey.
  • An integrated payment method,  booking option prevented the digression of customers and indeed, more occupancy and memorable experience.


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