Digital transformation journey to transform healthcare industry

“Medisaver is the online gateway to your favorite medical and general store.”

At you can order the products you regularly buy from our stores from the convenience of home and pick them up from a Medisaver store near you. To start shopping, simply search for the products you wish to buy, choose the quantity and place the order. We will inform you when the medicines are ready for pick up. All orders are filled within 6 hrs during the regular business hours and on the next day for evening or weekend orders.

At, you can also view or take prints of all your previous Medisaver bills, and conveniently reorder the products you bought earlier. Regardless of how you shop at Medisaver, be assured that we will continue to offer you high quality and genuine products, stored and handled in optimal conditions at attractive discounts.

Medisaver has always been and continue to be your one-stop shop for all your medicines and general product needs, now with the added convenience of shopping from home at the click of a button.

Industry : Medicine


Medisaver’s aim is to drive innovation and tech-friendly solutions to facilitate medical services.

  • A cumbersome process of maintaining the track record and other important information of the patients.
  • Difficulty to connect patients with doctors in a single go.
  • Absence of the system to let the community place a bulk order.


To achieve 360 digital transformations to cherish innovativeness for providing quality medical services.

Staple supported Medisaver to revamp their operational activities by leveraging a UX optimized e-commerce store with a built-in portal to connect patients with the doctors.



Today, Medisaver is benefitted from a specialist online portal – developed by Staple digital that has improved the overall operational activities.

  • There’s smooth coordination between doctors and patients which reduces the gap and fosters transparency.
  • The free flow of information helps both parties to clarify their doubts/queries within no time.
  • A systematic record of patients’ files saves plenty of time and processes diagnoses in a short span of time.


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